Young Players share their thoughts before going into semifinals

Flavio Jeutter Mendoza, 14 y.o., Peru, Team Bearded Vulture:
My team is Bearded Vulture. We have many superpowers but I think the best ones are: Unity, Peace and Friendship. All those superpowers establish good relationship between us and we do not have any problems in communication. We all are friends and enjoy playing together. That’s part of our strategy – to play as one. On the field our strategy is to pass the ball if it is possible to get as many points as possible. The one trick we use the most is to try to shoot as fast as we can – we practiced it a lot during training. Our mascot is the Bearded Vulture and we identify ourselves with these birds, because they are dangerous, like us on the field.
I have learnt so much from the F4F programme. I have learned new ways to make friends, and what I am most happy about, I have learnt about the Nine Values, because knowing them is so important to be a good player and a good person. I want to thank the F4F programme for inviting me.

Jose Amado, 16 y.o., Guatemala, Team Argali:
Our team’s name is Argali. It consists of 7 players and each of them has his own abilities. The things that unite each’s abilities to turn the team into a great one is communication, friendship and union. These three values help the team to improve constantly. There is when our name suits in. The argali is an animal that is very similar to the goat, and these animals have the ability to climb to very high places. With the three previous values I mentioned, our team is always growing and improving, climbing to reach the highest spot with hard work and fraternity.

Xuance “Mark” Li, 14 y.o., China, Team Stoat:
My team is Stoat. My teammates are from China,Indonesia,Laos,Cambodia,Hong Kong,and Chinese Taipei. But the borders are only in our heads. On the field we act like one good working mechanism.
Our strategy is to defend and attack in one system. And always help each other, as we play Football for Friendship. Our top scorer is Peter from Indonesia. We support each other and believe, that it will lead us to the victory. Our totem is a Stout, which is a noble, rare and unique animal. So we are also all unique and ready to share our superpowers to win the game.

Samantha Luksic Riveira, 13 y.o., Bolivia, Team Crested Ibis:
My team is great and my teammates all have a personality that makes them unique. At first we all were shy when we first met, but as time went on we started to relax and get to know each other more. Most of the team members love to play sports, they dedicate themselves to it every day, they have a very good mentality with which I always agree. They are very funny, they love to talk about many things and they are very respectful towards others. Each one has different personalities that characterize them, some of them are shy, others love to talk, others listen carefully and give amazing advices, they are all very nice and always brighten my day; we all say compliments to each other. We usually have a very complete and organized strategy since each person has their place and the role they must fulfill to win, thanks to this, it is easier to understand each other and avoid discoordination between us.
Our animal is the Crested Ibis, it is a pelican and I feel that this being is perfect for my team since the pelican symbolizes doing new things without fear of failure, sacrificing for others, and also symbolizes preparation. It perfectly describes my team since we would all give anything for the welfare of another, we try new things without fear of what may happen and we are always prepared for everything since together we are stronger.


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