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This Cookies Policy was developed in assistance with JSC KPMG (Russia) and basing on the template prepared by them as of 07.10.2020 and in accordance with applicable EU and Russian privacy laws in force at that day.
KPMG does not held responsibility either for any incompliances that may arise due to the legislative changes of applicable law after 07.10.2020 that might lead to the template prepared by KPMG to be outdated or for the Company’s success in implementation or following the recommendations provided by KPMG.
JSC KPMG does not held responsibility for completeness and exhaustiveness of the cookies list used on this Platform as this list is subject to change in response to the Company’s business needs.

This Cookies Policy was developed in accordance with the best practices concerning personal dataprocessing activities, as well as the GDPR requirements, and is aimed at ensuring protection of humanrights and freedoms in the processing of their personal data.

This Cookies Policy is a part of Privacy Policy

Terms used in this Policy:

Platform – Football for Friendship (hereinafter - F4F) platform (available at:, consisting of the Portal and the Game as well as other features on “” domain.

Game – free multiplatform multiplayer online-game.

Portal – F4F website (available at:, a part of the Platform with partial use of ready-made solutions (CMS and Bulletin Board); there is a registration of participants, their personal accounts, a news feed, enabling live broadcasts, an automatic table of player ratings and a grid of games, tabs by topic.

Account – user’s personal profile allowing the user to play the Game and communicate with other users. Your personal Account is available here

Coaches Academy – third party e-Learning service powered by Thinkific platform with a training program for coaches of teams participating in Championship.

User – data subject that uses the Platform.

Personal data – any information related to a natural person (data subject). For example, personal data are surname, e-mail or phone number.

Processing – actions performed with personal data, including: collecting data that the users enters on the Platform (collection), recording this data to our systems (record) and keeping this data so that we don't lose it (storage), using data to generate a list of teams in the Championship (use), modification of data when we receive new information from you (modification), deletion of data when the purpose of its processing is achieved (deletion), transfer data to Google Inc. for statistics analysis purposes (transfer).

Counterparty – a person (natural or legal) with whom we cooperate under the contract for achieving the personal data processing activities purposes.

International transfer of personal data – transfer of personal data to a foreign state that encompasses such activities as collecting from the user their data and transferring it to another state for processing as well as transfer of such data to our counterparties located in other states for achieving processing purposes.

Cookies – data fragments (text files) from the website you have visited. These fragments are stored in the memory of the browser you use and allow the website to identify you and restore your website preferences such as preferred language used on the Platform.

GDPR – Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).


We use cookies to facilitate our Platform usage and to adapt the content to the user’s preferences.

Websites can read and allocate cookies, which allow them to identify the user and store important information about the user, to make the sites more convenient in use (e.g. via storing the preferred website settings). Cookies also can be used to speed up your future experience with our Platform.

Web analysis

We use site analysis services such as Google Analytics.

Google Inc. (USA, processor) analyzes on our behalf the users’ behavior on the Platform in order to assess its work effectiveness and for further its optimization.

You can turn off cookies at any time or configure your browser to notice you when such files are received. Please see your browser manual for more information in order to adjust or change your browser settings.

Storage periods for various data may differ

Your personal data are deleted as soon as the purposes of processing are achieved, or in case of loss of the need to achieve these purposes.

What cookies do we use

We use cookies of the following types on the Portal and in the Game:

We use the following cookies:

Cookie typeCookie nameCookie providerPurposeLife cycle
NecessaryPHPSESSIDCompanySession TrackingBrowser session time
Necessarywp-settings-time-1CompanyImplicit tracking-request time
Necessarywp-settings-1Companyoriginal request path
Necessaryphp-console-serverCompanyconsole server version
Necessarywordpress_logged_in_***CompanyInternal login trackingExpires in 48 hours or until explicit logout
NecessarycookiesConsentCompanyConsent state: 1 or 0 - user consent for cookiesAfter explicit consent given expires in 1 week
• First Name
• Last Name
• Gender (Male/Female)
• DateOfBirth
• Email
• Avatar Image
• Nickname
Marketing_gaGA (Anonymized UserID)Google Analytics(campaign)2 years
Marketing_gidGA (User Unique ID)Google Analytics(only for registered users)24 hours
Marketing_fbpFacebook PixelTo store and track visits across websites3 months
MarketingiYandex.MetricaUsed for identifying users10 years
MarketingyandexuidYandex.MetricaUsed for identifying users20 years
Marketing_ym_visorc_*Yandex.MetricaAllows Session Replay to function correctly30 minutes
Marketing_ym_uidYandex.MetricaUsed for identifying users1 year
Marketing_ym_isadYandex.MetricaDetects ad blockers2 days
Marketingyabs-sidYandex.MetricaUsed for identifying usersBrowser session time
Marketing_ym_dYandex.MetricaStores the date of the user's first site session1 year
MarketingypYandex.MetricaControls the speed of user’s requests10 years
• UserId
• Avatar Image URL
• Nickname
• Email Hash
site: *
• UserId
• First Name
• Last Name
• Gender (Male/Female)
• DateOfBirth
• Email
• Nickname
F4F Game Client (all platforms)
MarketingFirebase Tracking IDGoogle Analytics(campaign)2 years
MarketingClient IDGoogle Analytics(only for registered users)24 hours
MarketingHit TypeGoogle Analytics(page view, etc)Session time
MarketingUser IPGoogle AnalyticsIP, anonymized

This document may be subject to change

We regularly review the personal data processing processes and update the provisions of the Cookies Policy as necessary.

We will notify you about significant changes to the Cookies Policy affecting processing activities by email or by notice on the Platform.

We encourage you to periodically review this page for up-to-date information about our Cookies Policy.

Date of publication: 01-Nov-2020