The Football for Friendship programme and its ambassadors use their opportunities to draw attention to the ecological topics across the globe. Young Participants hold different events to support nature and pay attention to environmental issues.

One of the elements of the Ecological initiative aims to support endangered animals: the 32 International Teams of Friendship are named after the endangered species listed in the Red Book.

Young Participants are actively engaged in volunteer activities in their countries planting trees and asking people to keep the planet safe and clean.

Key Activities

“Connie and Lennox”, Anna Vold

This is a fairy tale about the endangered animals created at the initiative of Young Participants from all around the world. Football for Friendship participants care about the environment and through this book, they would like to attract the attention of society to the problem of animal extinction.

The plot of the fairy tale is that a California Condor meets a lost little Iberian Lynx. The Condor helps him find his family and learn that the world is not as bad as it seems at a first glance.

Main heroes:

California condor – one of the world’s largest birds that lives in the South and West parts of California and Arizona. The Condor population dropped dramatically in the 20th century: the large bird is a perfect target for hunters.

Iberian Lynx – an incredibly beautiful animal that lives in the mountains of Spain. The Lynx was on the brink of extinction because of car accidents, reduction of habitat, and poaching.

Worked on the fairy tale:

Writer: Anna Vold, the author of children’s book “ABC Rhymes. Mr. Fox Letter Box”. This book helps kids learn English alphabet through rhymes. In the USA Anna is also known for developing education programs in language and communication skills. She lives with her husband and two kids in California.

Artist: Irina Golina-Sagatelian, designer and animator from Canada. The designer worked on the projects “Rick and Morty”, “My Little Pony”, “Dawn of the Croods”, “Carmen Sandiego”, collaborated with DreamWorks, Netflix, Disney, and other studios.

Young Participants of Football for Friendship translated the fairy tale into 16 languages.