The Ninth Season of Football for Friendship was held in the online format on May 15 - May 29, 2021, on the platform of the free multiplayer football simulator Football for Friendship World. The final match was won by the Argali team which included young participants from Aruba, Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Mexico. The match was covered by Yazn Taha, a 14-year-old commentator from Syria.


The Eighth Season of Football for Friendship was held in the online format on November 27-December 10, 2020. A special digital platform united over 10 000 players of all ages. The first-ever Football for Friendship eWorld Championship united young athletes from over 100 countries and was held in the Football for Friendship World, a specially created multiplayer football simulator. The final match was won by the Granular Salamander team represented by Young Players from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Latvia, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, and Turkey.


The Seventh Season of Football for Friendship took place in Madrid from May 28 to June 2. The final match of the 2019 Football for Friendship World Championship was held on Plaza Mayor – the central square of Madrid. In the final match, Antiguan Racer and Tasmanian Devil scored 1:1, but due to the penalty shootout the main prize went to Antiguan Racer: Lejla Salihović (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Maksim Maiorov (Russia), Mohammed Reza Boezar (Iran), Samuele Baldacci (Italy), Yakupmuhammet Govshudov (Turkmenistan), Aykhan Alizada (Azerbaijan), Lasonas Toumazos (Cyprus).


In 2018, Football for Friendship was also held in Russia from February 15 to June 15. Young Participants from 211 countries and regions joined the season in Moscow. The official Open Draw defined 32 International Friendship Teams, which were named after rare and endangered animals. The final game of the 2018 Football for Friendship World Championship was commented by Yazan Taha – Young Commentator from Syria, and the match was judged by Bogdan Batalin – Young Referee from Russia. The winner was the Chimpanzee team. Vladislav Polyakov from Saransk coached the national team.


The main events were held in St. Petersburg from June 26 to July 2017. The number of participating countries increased from 32 to 64. The project has for the first time united young players of four continents — Africa, Eurasia, North America and South America. For the first time in the F4F history the Young Participants were united in International Teams of Friendship, formed from 12-year-old boys and girls, including children with disabilities and special needs. The winner of the 2017 Football for Friendship World Championship was the Orange team.


The Fourth Season of F4F was held on May 2728, 2016 in Milan. The junior teams from Azerbaijan, Algeria, Armenia, Argentina, Brazil, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, and Syria joined it for the first time, so the total number of participating countries reached 32. The winner of the International Street Football Tournament in 2016 was the Maribor junior team (Slovenia).


The Third Season of the International Children's Social Programme Football for Friendship was held in June 2015 in Berlin. Young Participants from Asia – Japan, China, Kazakhstan – participated in the programme for the first time. In total, juniors from 24 countries took part in the International Street Football Tournament. The Tournament took place near the Brandenburg Gate: two teams form from Switzerland and Austria met in the final match on UEFA Pitch. The winner of the F4F International Street Football Tournament was the Rapid junior team (Austria).


The Second Season of the Football for Friendship programme was held in Lisbon on May 23–25, 2014 and embraced more than 450 teenagers from 16 countries: Belarus, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, France and Croatia. The young footballers took part in the first F4F football tournament – the International Street Football. The winner was the Benfica junior team (Portugal).


The first key event of Football for Friendship programme was International Children's Forum held on May 25, 2013, in London. 670 children from 8 countries took part in it: Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Russia, Serbia, and Slovenia. Children managed to formulate the eight values of the programme which we always keep: friendship, equality, fairness, health, peace, devotion, victory, and traditions.