Young Journalists share their impressions on the F4F Online Forum

The Eighth International F4F Forum was held on November 30 – December 3. At the Forum, coaches, athletes, public figures, and heads of sports organizations were trying to identify the best practices for supporting children’s sports. Let’s see what F4F Young Journalists think about the event they have just witnessed.

Shahriyar Ahmed Mahir, Bangladesh
Young Journalist
«…The forum was great in terms of gaining knowledge about various projects. I enjoyed it much because the host gave us the opportunity to ask questions based on the presentations. We asked questions such as what are the ways to overcome the shortage of online resources. We learnt some great projects and news around the world and we got to know some new ideas that could be implemented. We also talked about online football. And what to do if someone doesn’t have access to that…». 

Damaris Oviedo Zegarra, Perú
Young Journalist
«…I especially liked the project where children had to imitate some works of art and the project of the Stadium Is Where I Am. I asked participants about the most popular online practices that they use in their projects. I liked the answers to my question. Everyone did a good job».

Dina Pechorina, Denmark
Young Journalist
«I enjoyed being part of this forum! I loved learning about all the participants’ projects, it made me very happy to see positive changes that will help improve our world, which truly motivated me especially during this time! It was also very interesting to hear the feedback from the children and the progress made! I asked the participants if they personally believe online opportunities such as F4F can be helpful for your projects and if so how? All the answers were very engaging and you could see their passion. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience!».

Lev Lužin, Estonia
Young Journalist
«…My question was “How have your number of participants changed during the pandemic?”. And one of the presenters answered that they have different people from Brazil participating in their project, so they have about 1000 children and teenagers between 6 and 16 years old, participating their program during a pandemic, put through online format. The answer from the second expert was that the pandemic has been a big blew for them, because their project involves moving children from place to place. And they couldn’t risk the lives of the children because of the pandemic, so they had to suspend the number of things they planned to do in the past 9 months. It was my first interview experience, and I am very happy that I was able to do it on the project Football for Friendship!».


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