Young Journalist from Bhutan, Kinley, Shares her Emotions on Football for Friendship Guinness World Record Attempt

“I am going to be a part of a new Guinness World Record! Yay!” I screamed in joy and excitement as I told  my parents about the new milestone F4F was about to achieve. As I joined the match between the two super teams, my heart beat a curious tune which was racing faster as each second flew by and I couldn’t wait to watch the match.

This was the third  time F4F was attempting to set a new record. Last year I also took part while setting a new record about the most  users in a football hangout and I loved it.

This year it was about the most users to visit a virtual stadium. The match was between two teams for approximately 90 minutes.  As I played and watched, Football for Friendship cheers and songs started playing and I sang out loud along with my sister. Though the game was virtual, it felt as if  I was on a real football field cheering for my team. Halfway through, my points as a fan crossed 100,000 and I was surprised and happy because this was my personal record. The players played their best, each team scoring back to back fiercely  and the goalkeepers saving the goals! To my surprise, the team I was cheering on was leading so I couldn’t move out of my chair for another hour.

Adrenaline rushed through me as my team won! “Hurray!” I shouted in complete bliss but when I took a moment to think about setting the record, my smile grew wider as I had full belief that we would have done it. That F4F would have set a new world record!


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