Welcome to the Online International Friendship Camp!

On November 28, Young Participants from 104 countries and regions attended their first classes at the Online International Friendship Camp. They made friends with teammates and learned about the upcoming events of the Eighth Season.

The aim of the Camp is to help 264 Young Participants get ready for the Football for Friendship eWorld Championship. From November 28 to December 6 they will have exciting trainings with professional coaches, develop winner’s strategies, have physical practice and exercises, and get fascinating information about the world of sports and professional football.

The online format will allow all participants to get acquainted freely, as well as communicate, create their own teams and play, regardless of gender, age, physical ability at any time of the day: the guys will be divided into teams in accordance with their time zones.

The Football for Friendship Online World Championship will take place live on December 9, 2020. Tickets to the 2021 UEFA Champions League Final in Istanbul will be the main prize for the best competitors of the season.


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