We need a bigger change

We live in a developing world that has seen many transitions. Some as big as the Trojans being defeated by the Greeks to the mass loss of jobs due to industrialization. But why not look at a bigger change that occurred throughout a longer period of time? That is the rise of gender equality. In the early days, women used to be treated as property. But the time has passed, and they started to gain more rights and freedom to take part in activities that the women before them could only dream of.

In the 21st century, women are considered to be equal with men in rights. Women’s Champions League can be an example. We will see a Women’s Final between Barcelona and Chelsea soon, it will surely be a spectacular battle between giants of their domestic leagues. They will be watched by millions of fans who understand that the quality of women’s football is sometimes even greater than men’s.

My favorite female footballer is Alex Morgan. She is an influential player who took the game to a completely different level. The ESPY Best Female Athlete in 2019,  Sportswoman of the year 2012, Best FIFA Women’s Player 2019, CONCACAF Player of the year in 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018. She has won her league and the whole world.

Here is the opinion from the female footballer in my team, Kenzy Ayman Ahmad Ibrahim, 12 y.o. Young Player from Bhutan:

“My mom brought me into football, she is a player and a coach herself. At first, it was scary because everyone was judging me even if they weren’t saying it to my face. I could see it in their eyes. But when I got into the sport it felt like I was born to play it. I was treated fairly even though some boys got jealous of me. To be honest there wasn’t any big difference between playing with boys or with girls. The boys might have pushed me because they thought that girls were a little weak. But actually, some girls are stronger than boys. I really like playing with them because it’s a challenge that helps me to become a better football player. I even get to show the boys who is the boss”.

I feel that the main problem in women’s football is that there are still some places in the world where gender equality is not a popular idea. These countries do not support women, therefore, women’s football in these places may be undeveloped. However, if we educate people in these areas and teach them that gender equality is important, we can surely make women’s football as important as men’s.

Gender equality is possible, and it becomes a reality in sports. Who knows, in a few years women’s football may become even more popular than men’s. We will never know what the future holds for us, all the more, what it holds for women`s football.


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