The Ninth Season of Football for Friendship – participants’ hopes and expectations

We are all waiting for the official start of the Ninth Season of the Football for Friendship programme, where children from 211 countries and regions will be united by passion for football and Nine great Values.
The Ninth Season of Football for Friendship will be held online. The format allows to connect Young Participants despite long distances between them, and the kids show great cooperation!
Educators are ready to share experience and knowledge with young athletes, who are impatiently waiting for the start. Some of them have previously participated in Football for Friendship and they know what to expect. They set up new goals and hope to meet new friends in the Ninth Season
Farzad Mehboob, 15 y.o., Young Journalist, Pakistan: “I have represented Pakistan as a young journalist two times before in 2018 and 2020. During the Friendship Camp we have done fruitful work as journalists and this programme definitely enriched my knowledge of football, and has also made me a better person through the F4F Nine Values. I met people from all around the globe and had a chance to become friends with them. Journalism has enhanced my communicating skills greatly and I am grateful to Football for Friendship for providing me these opportunities. So, I am waiting for the new season to improve my professionalism and probably to share my experience with my new teammates. I expect nothing less but the best from F4F”
Timur Zheltenkov, 14 y.o., Young Journalist, Azerbaijan: “During the previous season I’ve learnt many helpful things and journalistic life hacks. For example, how to take an interview correctly and how to compile and run digests. We have also learnt how to take photos and videos and edit them. This time I plan to perform better than last time, because I’ve gained a lot of valuable experience. I also really want to get positive emotions, find a lot of new mates, meet famous and respected people and spend a good time during this event”
At the same time, the programme welcomes a lot of newcomers this year, who can’t wait to join the Football for Friendship community.
Samantha Liksic Rivero, 13 y.o., Young Journalist, Bolivia: “I’ve never taken part in a programme like Football for Friendship, but the idea of trying new things excites me. Sounds like a fun adventure.”
Nikolas Lysandrou, 13 y.o., Young Journalist, Cyprus: “I think it’s going to be fun and interesting. This is my first year so I’m going to learn a lot about the project, but I hope to meet some interesting people, and I’ll do my best!”
The Camp starts on May 15, and for two weeks, the Young Participants will be involved in the big football adventure. Online International Children’s Press Center will cover news and facts about the event, so stay tuned!


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