The Final Day of the F4F eWorld Championship 2021

Finally, the waiting is over and the day of 29th May has arrived with full of joy and happiness inside and outside of the players and the supporters. Just before the final game we had semi-finals consisting team of Argali & Bearded Vulture playing together, and on the other side Crested Ibis & Stout playing to win. During these matches we all were very excited with the question – who will be the Finalists and with that in mind we headed on to the matches of semi-finals and the most competitive, hardworking, and the most confident teams were selected for the final. With my extreme happiness it appeared to be Crested Ibis & Argali, and now the time arrived for the real challenge on who would be the winner on Football For Friendship eWorld Championship 2021.

With that in mind we started following the final match with Argali (whose team seemed that the opposition would win but ended up being them who won with (8-5) goals with great confidence) and on the other hand Crested Ibis, who with extreme competitiveness won with (8-7) goals and came out to the field for the final. The match started with great and happy emotions and at the first stage Crested Ibis had a goal kick and right after that within the first two minutes Argali scored one goal. Throughout the game the fan levels were almost same. After some time, Crested Ibis got -0.5 for a penalty and surprisingly Argali had 2 goals and they achieved 3.5 in no time! But sadly, they again returned to 3 for their penalty kick. After that to my extreme happiness, hope came for Crested Ibis when they scored a goal, and their audience again got the hope of winning. Surprisingly, Crested Ibis was now performing spectacular with 2 goals and 3 goals on the other side and the 1st time ended with Argali with 3 goals and Crested Ibis – 2.5 goals.

The key moments which I noticed that people seem very nervous but eventually they make their way out to success and victory and this match would be a great example. And then the 2nd time came forward and within 10 seconds Argali gained another 1.5 goal and now the match was being quite competitive.

But as time was going on the match was becoming very fun but very obvious in who is going to win. Argali team. Throughout the matches they had a number of Penalties and Goal Kicks which deducted marks. Argali was scoring a nice number of points and goals for their dedication to maintaining the Nine Values. Most of the players used super power in their game to get ahead. And by the time of 1 minute very surprisingly Argali had 10 goals even after some of their teammates left while Crested Ibis had 3 on the other side. In my perspective this was the kind of point where the game became less competitive but it was still very interesting and fun to watch, how bravely and confidently goals were being scored on the football field. And in this moment Crested Ibis’s got more fan points than Argali’s but by this time Argali with its great and sincere players such as Bryant & Emilio was at the top of the game, while Crested Ibis remained on 2.5 points. And finally, with a competitive beginning and less competitive ending, with great fierce, hope, confidence and happiness the team Argali won the Football for Friendship eWorld Championship with a whopping 14 goals vs. 2.5 from Crested Ibis. Due to the sincerity and expertness of the brilliant players such as Jose Amado, Bryant Tomas and Emilio Hernandez they got their victory, and what’s very interesting about them is that all of the three players mentioned started this season being Young Journalists. All the Young Journalists of Online International Children’s Press Center wished them luck.

I would like to give a big shout out to Crested Ibis also for coming this far in this game and also being their best. Remember, friends: every failure is a pillar of success and you learn from mistakes, all of our blessings and hope will be for you too. With that in mind, the game ended happily with happy cheers all over and celebrations still being locked up in your home, but online technologies helped all of us to connect and enjoy.

Football is a game, that again united us even though we are far away from each other and we must know that football and this match is a great example of where sincere dedication, team spirit and playing skills can lead us. It can teach us devotion no matter where we are and at last give us a chance to enjoy the great moment of achieving the Victory. Sending my heartfelt congratulations to Team Argali, and to Crested Ibis, and to all the Young Participants of the Ninth Season of Football for Friendship Programme.


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