T-shirts autographed by Roberto Carlos will be sent to three #ContestF4F winners

A T-shirt signed by Roberto Carlos, the ANIMALUES board game and the international symbol of Football for Friendship – the Friendship Bracelet go to three of our #ContestF4F participants:

In November, everyone could share in their social networks stories about why they love football, filmed interesting photos and videos and marked their friends in order to win awesome prizes from Football for Friendship and Roberto Carlos.

“You have shared so many awesome stories about love for football. Children and adults from various countries proved that football is a game uniting people around the world thanks to its accessibility and vivid emotions it elicits”, – says Roberto Carlos on his Instagram account.

“Thank you! If it wasn’t for you all pushing me to not give up I would have not made it here!”, – one of the winners of the competition, Ahmed Haqiki from Bahrain, shares in his account. @ahmedhaqiqi17

Our congratulations!


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