Sports in the pandemic. F4F Young Journalists share their lifehacks on how to keep healthy while staying at home

The epidemiological situation in the world has made it difficult to go train at the gym or play football with friends. That’s why we’ve collected recommendations and exercises from Young Journalists of Football for Friendship. Children from all over the world will show and tell you how to train and stay healthy at home.

In her video, Young Journalist Damaris Oviedo Zegarra from Peru shares simple but effective exercises using items at hand, like a chair, a ball, or even a pillow! “All the exercises are with chairs or things that are in the house, so they are very simple to do,” promises Damaris.

Anna Shishkova Bulgaria and Anmesh Rayamajhi Nepal/Kathamandu agree that sports help us feel happier and more upbeat during the pandemic. They help us strengthen our body and our mind.

“You should practice in these times of pandemic, sports that make you happier, productive and calm. For your healthy body, healthy mind, sport improves brain function, stress relief, also improves your immune system, that is very important in this situation,” – notes Anna. 

«Exercises help to strengthen our body and refreshes our mind, keep us healthy and fit in any kind of situation. Sports helps people to be physically and mentally fit», – thinks Anmesh.

Kinley Deki Yangzom Bhutan/Punakha advises to remember to take regular walks, talk to your friends and family, and do simple exercises to stay fit.

Ravindu Dias Sri Lanka/Rajagiriya advises to dedicate at least 45 minutes a day to physical exercise and remember to enjoy it. Izzath Raji from Sri Lanka, Dehiwala and Rasshid Asif from Sri Lanka, Colombo shared exercises to do at home.

Shahriyar Ahmed Mahir Bangladesh/Dhaka  is convinced that even during the pandemic we can access different sports from running to cycling and exercises with bar bells. At the end of the day, even when staying at home, everyone can stay healthy and fit choosing the type of activity that they like most.

That’s how our Young Journalists proved that pandemic is not a reason to give up sports!



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