Choice of Roles

  • Player: participate in 5 vs 5 matches in real time on an international team, join any football club or create your own.
  • Coach: create teams and manage their careers.
  • Fan: influence the results of your favorite team's game; correctly completing tasks on the screen will make the team stronger.

Customize Your Character

Discover new ways to customize your character at different levels of the game rating:

  • Choose your gender
  • Customize your appearance: change your hairstyle, skin color, the shape of your eyebrows, eyes, and mouth.
  • For the Player - choose the color of your game uniform.
  • For the Fan - choose a hat, face paint, scarf and shorts.

Quick Match

Quick Match allows any player to join a randomly assembled team in real time and play soccer. This is the easiest and most convenient way to play our game. Here you can play with players of any rating from any league.

Practice Game

There is a new mode added to the game in 2021. It allows players to sharpen their skills and tactics with the help of their friends and/or artificial intelligence without assembling a team and appointing a scheduled match.

Team Selection

You can join already existing teams or create your own as a Coach.

  • In the "Quick Match" mode, the system will automatically assign you to a team.
  • You can also select teams that are recruiting, and join them after the Coach gives approval.
  • If you have reached level 6 and received the status of Coach, you can create your own teams, invite players, and consider applications from other participants.

Mode Selection

  • "9 Values “ — a game according to the rules of "Football for Friendship" in compliance with the 9 values of the programme. Get extra points for displaying the principles of Victory, Fairness, Friendship, Equality, Honour, Traditions, Health, Devotion, and Peace in the game. For example, with the Honour principle, a team that does not allow any violations get a 10% speed bonus every 20 seconds, with the bonus being lost on the first violation.
  • "Victory" — a classic match in which the team with the highest score wins.
  • "Friendship" – No traumas and misconducts. Give a ball to your rival to gain energy.
  • "Health" – More energy, heavier traumas. High reward for longer dribbling.
  • "Peace" – No goals, score for having a ball long enough within one team. No fouls, no traumas.
  • "Honour" – High reward for playing without fouls.
  • "Equality" – More passes – more score. All-players traumas.
  • "Devotion" – High reward for scoring after unsuccessful attempts.
  • "Fairness" – Goalkeeper receives points for saves. The team has a chance to reduce the points gap quicker.
  • "Traditions" – Traditional football. No superpowers, no draws, game till victory.

Leagues and Divisions

According to the current ranking, teams are divided into leagues and divisions. Team ratings and league / division affiliations are updated immediately after the match ends.

A player is considered a player in the league in which his team is a member. The league/division to which the Player's club belongs is displayed automatically on the profile page.

Friendship Planet

Friendship Planet automatically displays a map showing all the connections with players with whom you've participated in matches. 

This section vividly shows the lines of your unique interactions with players from different parts of the world. You can easily share your Friendship Planet on social networks.