Modern journalism to be taught at the Online International Friendship Camp of the Gazprom International Children’s Social Programme Football for Friendship

A journalist of Euronews, Europe’s leading international news TV channel, will become one of the Young Journalists’ mentors at the Online International Friendship Camp of the Gazprom International Children’s Social Programme Football for Friendship.

From November 27 to December 9, 2020, the Football for Friendship eWorld Championship will take place: Young Journalists, Coaches, Players and fans from more than 100 countries will get together online. Moreover, together with mentors, children aged 12-15 will take part in the Online International Friendship Camp, where they will get prepared for the events of the Championship and get acquainted with the Nine Values ​​of the programme.

Cyber ​​sports and online journalism are the two major scopes of the project: 192 Young Players, 32 Young Coaches and 40 Young Journalists will become the first participants of the 2020 Football for Friendship eWorld Championship. This year, for the first time, it will take place online in a football simulator game Football for Friendship World.

Digital trends and peculiarities of information consumption on social media, the secret of challenges’ popularity, proper long reads and clickable posts – all about modern sports journalism, digital technologies, high-quality filming and streaming using a mobile phone will be told by professionals from Euronews within a workshop for this year’s Young Participants of the Football for Friendship programme.

The popular theory will be put into practice: Young Journalists will cover the key events of the Championship 24/7 in accordance with their time zone, interview the best players and ambassadors of Football for Friendship, as well as get the opportunity to join the process of the final materials publishing together with Euronews.

“We will talk about how the global media operates and show how we work here at Euronews”, – promises Damon Embling, Euronews Journalist and Producer.

Apart from that, from November 27 to December 9, 2020, exciting training with professional coaches, tips on developing a winner’s strategy, physical practices and exercises, entertaining information about the world of esports and professional football were prepared for 264 Young Participants of the International Friendship Camp. The online format will allow all participants to easily meet and communicate with each other, create their own teams and play together regardless of gender, age, physical abilities at any time: the children will be divided into teams according to their time zones.

The 2020 Football for Friendship eWorld Championship will be broadcast live on December 9, 2020. Tickets to the 2021 UEFA Champions League Final in Istanbul will be the main prize for the best participants of the season.

About the programme:

The International Children’s Social Programme Football for Friendship is implemented by Gazprom since 2013. Over the previous seven seasons, the programme has united over 6 000 participants from 211 countries and regions and over 5 000 000 supporters.

Young Players and Young Journalists are the participants of the programme – boys and girls aged 12 including children with disabilities. Young Players represent different countries and cultures united in the mixed teams. They show that nationality, gender, and physical abilities aren’t a barrier to becoming a team. Young Journalists cover the events of the programme in the International Children’s Press Center. All participants become Young Ambassadors of the programme and continue to share their Football for Friendship experience and promote universal human values: friendship, equality, fairness, health, peace, devotion, victory, traditions, and honour.

UEFA, FIFA, football federations and the world’s leading football clubs, international charity foundations, famous athletes, politicians, and artists support Football for Friendship. The project has received multiple national and international awards in the field of social responsibility, sports, and communications, including the world record for the most nationalities in a football training session in history.

In 2020, Football for Friendship will be held in the online format. A special digital platform will unite over 10 000 players of all ages. It will become the home for international children’s competitions and a playground where anyone will be able to train, join into the international mixed teams and play their favourite game in the Football for Friendship format without leaving the comfort of their home.

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