Mixed teams could be a goal of gender-equal football

When I was a small kid, we had girls in our football team, but the older we got the more girls left us. It was only because the girls had to compete with literal elephants who were bigger and stronger. By that I mean boys.

But, if we don`t take into account all the competition that girls should face entering the football world, I truly believe that we should be more open and curious about women’s role in this sport.

It would not be a surprise if I say that Alex Morgan is my favorite female soccer player. She is famous and her name is literally the first that comes to my mind when somebody asks me about female soccer. However, even though female soccer is getting popular, the difference between men’s and women’s football is still big. 

I remember how we played against a girls’ team one day. We beat them but looking back at that game I would say that the only reason for their loss was the lack of experience they had compared to us. 

Strength usually plays a big role if we talk about men’s and women’s football. Girls, especially teenagers, might be weaker than boys of the same age.

But, I believe that the biggest problem that girls face is sexism. There is discrimination against those girls who choose to play “men’s” sports like rugby. And it should be changed once and forever.

More girls should be supported when entering the football team. Women’s football should have the same attention as men’s. The mixed teams where both girls and boys can play together could be a goal of gender-equal football and the solution for the current problems.


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