Meet the winners of Gazprom Football for Friendship: UEFA Euro 2020 News Bureau defined by the International Sports Jury

 On behalf of the “Football For Friendship” Euro 2020 News Bureau, we are pleased to announce 11 winners – the best young journalists from 11 UEFA EURO 2020 host cities who will join Patrick Schick, the footballer who scored the goal of the tournament in an award ceremony late August. Goal of the tournament – is a unique award initiated by Gazprom in the framework of its partnership with European Championship. 

The winners were defined by receiving the highest ranking in each country through the time of their participation in the Program. That included attendance of the Nine Values School classes and completing assignments for the News Bureau from June 11 to July 11th – through the duration of the UEFA EURO 2020 tournament. Each of the 145 participants of the Program visited one match in their home country, 6 classes, wrote a report on the match, gave a prediction of the goal of the tournament and shared a lifehack on mobile journalism.

And the winners are:

Nijat Taghizada from Baku

Nitya Khandelwal from Copenhagen

Jackson Gilligan from London

Kristina Bastron from Munich

Teo Bence Ronaszeki from Budapest

Marco D’achille from Rome

Lola Flohr from Amsterdam

Luca Lie from Bucharest

Danis Gantsev from Saint Petersburg

Ivan Artamonovs from Glasgow

Amador Lopez Blesa from Seville

The competition was extremely tense. That’s why we have decided to mark the outstanding results of the following participants. 

And the laureates of the program are:

Ignacio Gancedo Ríos from Seville

Uliana Kamkina from Saint Petersburg

Elizaveta Petrova from Saint Petersburg

Sofiya Bochkanova from Saint Petersburg

Aleksandr Drobot from Saint Petersburg

Tahia Cleto from Bucharest

Rick Claus from Amsterdam

Adriano Neri from Rome

Anna Péter from Budapest

Ella Ronaszeki from Budapest

Mathias Kauf from Munich

Esme Randall from London

Maura Belle O’Sullivan from London

Roman Khoroshaev from London

Leila Spence from London

Darcy Slater from London

Alexander Watson from London

Jesse Kamara from Copenhagen

Aysel Novruzova  from Baku

The Jury:

Sergey Stanovkin, European News Academy (UK)

Simon Ydesen, Sports Journalist in Det Nordjyske Mediehus (Denmark)

Iulian Anghel, Sports Journalist at (Romania)

Rustam Azimov, sports journalist in First News Media (Azerbaijan)

Filippo Cornacchia, sports journalist in Tuttosport (Italy)

Andrey Sizyakin, Sport Express, Head of the digital (Russia)

Сongratulations to winners, laureates, and participants!


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