Live broadcast: Grand Final

2021 Football for Friendship Grand Final

On May 29, at 1:00 PM UTC, the culmination of the Ninth Season of the Gazprom International Children’s Social Programme Football for Friendship will take place! We will go over the highlights of the 2021 season and more!

The online broadcast will include the 2021 Football for Friendship eWorld Championship Final where two International Teams of Friendship with players of different nationalities, gender, and physical abilities will meet to show the world there are no barriers to becoming a team!

The players will represent their academies and compete for a chance to bring “home” a grant for the development of the universal F4F Nine Values: friendship, equality, fairness, health, peace, devotion, victory, traditions, and honour.
The legendary footballer Roberto Carlos and programme participants from all over the world will attend the live stream. Stay tuned!

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