F4F World: first reviews by Young Players

Young Football for Friendship participants are the first to try the F4F World game which was developed especially for the project. For two days 32 teams will be fighting for the victory. Six footballers in each team will be playing football online and managed by different users. The triumphants of the 2020 F4F eWorld Championship will get their tickets to the UEFA Championship League Final in Istanbul next year.

The official release is on December 10. The F4F World will be available to download for free on footballforfriendship.com.

Because of the pandemic, participants of the Football for Friendship eighth season are not able to shake hands in the field. Nevertheless, it has not kept them from trying. With this online, real-time, matchmaking software, young players and their friends can battle for victory while learning the nine promoted values of the event with the different modalities the game offers.

Football for Friendship World has the same interface as a real football pitch. Five players from each team are fighting using knowledge which they have gained during Nine Values school. Moreover, young players were being trained by a young coach for nearly two weeks.

Aliah Rodriquez from Bahamas told us that he is glad that participants of the program had a unique opportunity to play it before it is released. «This game brings people together during this hard time. It allows the participants to make new friends from all around the world. They also get to play the sport that they love but now on an online platform», — Aliah said.

Nio Jung from Germany is sure that this game will be more popular than FIFA: «This game is the best football game 2020. It’s a new game where you can play versus players all around the world. It’s better than FIFA-2021 because it’s for free and you can download it even on your phone or PC! You can create your own character and play with superpowers for example invisibility!».

Educators and developers of an app were worried that the game wouldn’t fulfill the need of interaction and communication which is the most interesting part of the F4F programme. But having first reviews by young players we can’t deny — the app has become more than just a game. «With the world entering into a digital era, everything is being shifted to a cyber world and the need has increased vastly. Now we are forced to stay inside and avoid all means of physical contact. From all those safety protocols, the most impacted area is sports, being something that requires physical contact and interaction. This year Football for Friendship also made the change and has released the new Football Friendship World. This game fulfills the whole concept of F4F by uniting children all over the world for the joy of football and by fulfilling the safety protocols this year!», — Kinley Deki Yangzom from Bhutan wrote in her essay about the programme.

We believe when the quarantine will be over and it would be safe to travel around the world, we will still continue playing F4F World. Some players are already sharing their phones and personal devices so their friends could play it before the game will be officially released.

The F4F World official release is on December 10. The F4F World will be available to download for free on footballforfriendship.com.


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