F4F 2021 Online International Friendship Camp started. First impressions

What do people feel when something new and important starts in their life? Excitement, joy, impatience, hope – these are the emotions that the Young Participants are experiencing right now! All this because of the start of the Online International Friendship Camp, where Young Players and Journalists will study at the Nine Values School, have team building games and workshops from famous football players and F4F Ambassadors. The teams are ready, children from all over the world are already meeting each other, making new friends and waiting for adventure. And they share their first impressions and emotions, of course.
Jude Mahfouz, 14 y.o., Lebanon, Team Manul:
“Yesterday was our first lesson in the 2021 Football for Friendship programme as a team. We’ve learnt about the F4F programme and started studying the F4F Nine Values, such as peace and health.
I really like my team: the atmosphere is great and we are communicating very well. All of this with the help of our educator. In my opinion, the most memorable person of the first day was our educator, Irina – her enthusiasm, her joy and her passion gives a portion of energy to the team. I think that the superpower of our team is chemistry; we fit very well together and we are getting to know each other. I consider that “Devotion” value as the most important one for our team, because without devotion, we can’t achieve a lot and reach our estimated goals.”
Leonardo Lewis, 13 y.o., Italy, Team Honduran Emerald:
“I have a lot of confidence and trust in the team that I am in. They’ll do everything to win this tournament and if even if we lose, we lose together and proudly. COME ON GUYS, LET’S GO! Or,as people say in Italy, – FORZA RAGAZZI!”
Maria Ibnass, 14 y.o., Malta, Team Marine Iguana:
“Yesterday, we had our very first Football for Friendship lesson. Our team consists of 11 members; unfortunately, not everybody managed to join our first meeting, so I can’t wait to meet everyone. The people I met, however, seemed to have strong and interesting personalities, and they all made a lasting and memorable impression on me. It was a very interesting meeting, because although we all came from different countries, and therefore have different backgrounds, religions, races and opinions, we were all united by our interest in football and journalism. We all have different opinions and beliefs, but we still managed to keep them from clashing together, and so we worked very well as a group. I feel very lucky to be able to take part in this programme. Football for Friendship is a programme which helps different children to bond over the same thing, to enhance the idea of sportsmanship, teamwork and equality into young adolescent’s minds. I think that the most important values that Football for Friendship can offer my team are equality, friendship, and honour. Equality is very important because we must remember that we are all different people in one team, and must therefore learn to accept everyone’s differences and treat everybody equally. Acceptance is crucial if we want to succeed together as a team.”


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