A word of motivation from Football for Friendship Young Ambassadors

Football for Friendship is not only a great international programme, but also a big multicultural community. It unites the participants of all seasons, educators, coaches, Young and Global Ambassadors, special guests into a strong family with its own memories and traditions. This community is constantly growing and is always open for new people. Today our Young Ambassadors want to say some warm words to the newcomers and wish them good luck in all their beginnings.

Shaibu Ali Ayornu, Ghana
Shaibu wanted to become a part of Football for friendship story since he’d heard about the project. And in 2017 he finally got a chance to take part in the programme, representing Ghana. Since then, he continues promoting the Nine Values and deep love for the game. He is now developing students sport in his country and remains a good friend and ambassador of Football for Friendship
The module of Football for Friendship is very interactive and eye opening, and I will be very happy to see all our Young Participants making good use of this opportunity. This is a way to build long term friendships and create strong connections and networks for the future.
Our participants are coming from all over the world, and I urge every individual participant to make it a point to socialize among their peers and ask both their colleagues and senior ambassadors every question that is on their minds. They are still young and this is the right time to satisfy their curiosity. It is an opportunity of a lifetime. Do not be shy, engage and interact with everybody today because you never know who will be beside you tomorrow.

Ananya Kamboj, India
Ananya is a true legend of a F4F. Always a proactive and responsible girl from India began her F4F story in 2017 and still is firmly connected with the programme. This year her sister, Aahana takes part in the Ninth Season as a Young Journalist.
I am Ananya Kamboj from India. In 2017, I got an opportunity to represent India as a Young Journalist in this programme. I was nervous as well as nostalgic, but my team leaders made me feel comfortable and were very cooperative. This programme helped me make new friends from different countries and learn about their cultures, traditions and languages. Now, I have friends in more than 100 countries. This programme will help you learn about the Nine human Values, make new friends, inculcate journalism skills, improve football skills and the most important is that it will build up your confidence. It offers a fresh interpretation of sports through human values which collectively enrich the different dimensions of life. A harmonious realization of all these values helps us grow as truly and fully human persons. I believe that F4F is an insightful initiative that brings education, sports, and childhood character development together. F4F is like family, and a beautiful programme that will open up endless opportunities in future. I wish good luck to all the participants of this season. I hope you will enjoy participating in this amazing programme and make new friends to cherish your friendships with forever.

Irintsoa Rakotomamonjy, Madagascar
Irintsoa Rakotomamonjy is a F4F Young Ambassador from Madagascar. She was a curious and proactive Young Journalist of her season. This year, she was lucky to do an interview with UEFA Ambassador Eric Abidal for Football for Friendship YouTube show Good News.
Dear participants! You are lucky to participate in this event, which will give you positive effects in all aspect of your life. The values you will learn from this programme are applicable not only on the field, but also in your everyday lives.
Friendship makes my life beautiful, I have been able to keep in touch, virtually or physically, with friends from different countries and support one another no matter what.


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