A message from the winners of 2020 Football for Friendship eWorld Championship to the participants of the Ninth Season of F4F

In just one week the participants of the Ninth Season of the Football for Friendship programme will start studying in the Nine Values School, practicing in the F4F World game and competing for the victory in the 2021 Football for Friendship eWorld Championship. But there are some people, who already perfectly understand what awaits Young Players. They are the winners of last year’s championship, the participants who were the first to try out the new online competition format and succeed! They shared their secrets of success and words of motivation with the Young Participants.

Anna Shishkina, Russia:
I’ve always wanted to participate in the Football for Friendship Programme. Last year I was lucky — and my dream came true. I made a very good team: the guys there were friendly and talented, our educator was wonderful and supportive. The team itself was the reason we won.
I guess, there is no special secret to winning the championship, however, I would recommend to train as much as you can for those who want to reach the final games. Only then you will be able to find and improve your own tactics that can lead you to victory.
To all of the participants of the Ninth Season: I wish you to find a lot of new friends! Don’t lose faith in yourself and remember: don’t stop on the achieved results, because you can do much more.

Taha Hamza, United Arab Emirates:
I guess we won because we played as a real team: we cooperated and helped each other a lot. Also, there was a secret we often used during the match: whenever the player from the other team uses the shield trick your team just has to go next to him and press «Attack!». That way your opponents will lose some points.
Enjoy the game! Act as a team! That will surely help you play a good football match. I wish all of you success in the project. Have lots of fun!

Alinur Gabidenuly, Kazakhstan
Football is a team sport, therefore, before the championship you need to play regularly with your team. Try to distribute the roles for each and every player in your team. You need to create a game plan before the match. Don’t forget to follow it!
I wish all of the new F4F participants good luck and patience. Enjoy playing the game and chatting! It’s a lot of fun.

Mihail Shumaher, Latvia
If you ask me how we won F4F I would say that in our case it happened because we were a united team and worked as such. It really matters! From my side, it was also a strong desire to win.
For participants of the new F4F season: I wish you to dream. Reach your goals, step by step, and remember that everything is possible! I know it now.
I don’t have any certain advice for the young players, just enjoy the process, make new friends all over the world and have fun!


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